Republican Reading List (Stimulus Special!)

Smart people discuss stupid stimulus — and the new administration:

  1. Eric Cantor wants to fix the stimulus
  2. Peggy Noonan on the partisan stimulus
  3. George Will explains how the GOP should measure the stimulus
  4. Rush Limbaugh has a bipartisan stimulus proposal
  5. Karl Rove thinks the Obama White House is already crowded
  6. Charles Krauthammer says Obama has been distorting America’s stance on Muslims

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One response to “Republican Reading List (Stimulus Special!)

  1. the money is all spent now. Obama said ‘the stimulus did what it was supposed to do’. Unemployment rates are higher than ever before and the economy is worse…thanks for spending our tax money, Obama, to put us in debt for plans that only made things worse. He has now spent more money than ALL presidents to ever exist combined…we have no idea what is going to happen from here. Now they are printing more money and our dollar is going to have the same worth as a peso. Be prepared…things have only begun to get bad.

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